My Teachers

Please email me at if you are interested in taking cello lessons.  

If you are interested in taking lessons at the Colburn School, please visit their website at

My current mentor at the Colburn School, the amazing Clive Greensmith!

Off-stage after lessons!  Thank you, Mr. Greensmith, for all of the wonderful performance opportunities I’ve had at Colburn so far!

If you are in the Irvine area and interested in lessons, please contact Orange County Music & Dance.

Orange County Music & Dance   (949) 386-8336

17620 Fitch Ave, Ste 160, Irvine, CA 92614

The late Stan Sharp, my very talented cello teacher and the sweetest mentor ever.   What a blessing you are to me, as well as every young musician you mentor!
Stan and me together with the amazing Daniel Rothmuller!
I am so blessed to be able to learn from legendary cellist Mr. Lynn Harrell.
My lifetime musical mentor and partner-in-crime, David Dunford.

Stan has done so much to bring joy out of me and the entire world around him.    He has taught me to always see the positive in every situation, both in music and in life.    I have no idea how fast time is passing during our intense lessons.  Thank you so much for being a bright and joyous light for me to follow, Stan!  ❤️
Stan Sharp and David Dunford working together to make me a better musician!
Behind the scenes — I’m lovin’ it!

I have been extremely blessed to have had “Uncle David” teach me music since I was in preschool.    I started taking piano lessons from David when I was 4-years-old.    When I wanted to be part of the school orchestra in the 4th grade, I originally wanted to play the violin.    David strongly suggested that I play the cello instead (to which I replied, “What’s that?”).    I followed his wise suggestion and cannot believe where it has brought me.    Thanks to David, I am able to let every note on my piano and cello sing through my soul.    Today I embark on my journey to study cello performance at The Colburn Conservatory.    I am happy to have had David walk every step of my musical journey with me throughout the past 14 years.    Thank you, David Dunford.

Stanley Sharp!    He brings out my JOY, both in my heart as well as my music.    It’s hard to not smile when I think of knowing that Stan Sharp is on my side, both as the ultra demanding cello teacher, but also as the most warmhearted and giving human being.    My cello lessons with Stan are so energizing and healthy for my soul.     Three hours can fly by and feel like 5 minutes with Stan Sharp.     You are so brilliant and warm hearted, that the best way to describe you is with my brightest and joyfilled smile!    Thank you Stan!

The Pacific Symphony and the Pacific Symphony Youth Ensembles has played  an immense role on my decision to purse music as a lifelong career.    There are so many mentors that have touched my life during the 6 years that I have been part of this organization.     Maestro Carl St. Clair, Maestro Alejandro Gutierrez, Maestra Roger Kalia, Maestro Irene Kroesen, Cellist Ian McKinnell, Cellist Lazlo Mezo, Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Stahr, Walter Stahr, Eileen Jeanette and countless others.

The amazing Lynn Harrell ❤️ This is my face, (before, during & after) my lessons! 😄
Daniel Rothmuller, Stanley Sharp and Lynn Harrell ❤️ Thank you for teaching me so many wonderful ways to sing with my cello!

I am eternally grateful to have had lessons with Mr. Daniel Rothmuller and Mr. Lynn Harrell, in addition to my regular lessons with Stanley Sharp.    I’ve learned so much more then music from these beautiful souls, as they have modeled what an authentic, compassionate community of friendship looks like. ❤️

Emma Lee with Maestro Carl St.Clair, Music Director for Pacific Symphony

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